Street Type

澳洲某政府网站,填写居住地址的页面,其中填写街道类型,选择是 xx Street 还是 xx Road 的 Street Type 那一项,居然是一个下拉框,拉开后一长串,200多个选项。忍不住复制下来。学英文。

Unit Type,描述房间类型的后缀,14个:

Apartment, Building, Flat, Unit, Factory, Marine Berth, Office, Room, Shed, Shop, Site, Stall, Suite, Warehouse.

Floor Type,描述楼层类型的后缀,7个:

Basement, Floor, Level, Lower Ground Floor, Mezzanine, Upper Ground Floor, Ground.

Street Type,街道类型,210个:

Access, Alley, Alleyway, Amble, Anchorage, Approach, Arcade, Artery, Avenue, Barracks, Base, Basin, Beach, Bend, Block, Boulevard, Brace, Brae, Break, Bridge, Broadway, Brow, Bypass, Byway, Camp, Caravan Park, Causway, Centre, Centreway, Chase, Circle, Circlet, Circuit, Circus, Close, Colonnade, Common, Community, Concourse, Copse, Corner, Corso, Court, Courtyard, Cove, Crescent, Crest, Cross, Crossing, Crossroad, Crossway, Cruiseway, Cul De Sac, Cutting, Dale, Dell, Deviation, Dip, Distributor, Drive, Driveway, Edge, Elbow, End, Entrance, Esplanade, Estate, Expressway, Extension, Fairway, Firetrack, Firetrail, Flat, Follow, Footway, Foreshore, Formation, Freeway, Front, Frontage, Gap, Garden, Gardens, Gate, Gates, Glade, Glen, Grange, Green, Ground, Grove, Gully, Heights, Highroad, Highway, Hill, Interchange, Intersection, Island, Junction, Key, Keys, Landing, Lane, Laneway, Lees, Line, Link, Little, Lookout, Loop, Lower, Mall, Meander, Mew, Mews, Motorway, Mount, Nook, Outlook, Parade, Park, Parkland, Parkway, Part, Pass, Path, Pathway, Piazza, Place, Plateau, Plaza, Pocket, Point, Port, Promenade, Quad, Quadrangle, Quadrant, Quay, Quays, Ramble, Ramp, Range, Raodhouse, Reach, Reserve, Rest, Retreat, Ride, Ridge, Ridgeway, Right Of Way, Ring, Rise, River, Riverway, Riviera, Road, Roads, Roadside, Roadway, Ronde, Rosebowl, Rotary, Round, Route, Row, Rowe, Rue, Run, Service Way, Siding, Slope, Sound, Spur, Square, Stairs, State Highway, Station, Steps, Strand, Street, Strip, Subway, Tarn, Terrace, Thoroughfare, Tollway, Top, Tor, Towers, Track, Trail, Triangle, Trunkway, Turn, Underpass, Vale, Viaduct, View, Villas, Vista, Wade, Walk, Walkway, Way, Wharf, Wynd, Yard.

Street Type Suffix,修饰街道类型的后缀,类似「中关村东路」「鼓楼北大街」之类的方位词,12个:

Central, East, Extension, Lower, North, North East, North West, South, South East, South West, Upper, West.


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