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1949-4-8,16岁,刚觉醒拉拉取向的 Susan Sontag 围观 Anaïs Nin 的演讲:

She is  very startling– pixie-like, other-worldly-small, finely-built, dark hair, and much make-up which made her look very pale — large, questioning eyes — a marked accent which I could not label — her speech is over-precise — she shines and polishes each syllable with the very tip of her tongue and teeth — one feels that if one were to touch her, she would crumble into silver dust.
Her theory of art was preciously intangible.

《桑塔格日记 1947-1963》

ps(原谅我用这种编年方式):Anaïs Nin 认识 Henry Miller(1932)、《北回归线》出版(1936)、 Anaïs Nin 发表她关于 Miller 的日记(1966)。

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