A simple design of bowstring jig (endless loop)

We know, these jigs are expensive, huge, and not easy for ordering and shipping to many places. There are some DIY solutions online. The hard part of them is, how to make a strong slot or heavy metal fixture to adjust the length smoothly, but it’s not quite necessary. Most of bowstrings are just integer number of inches, so, why not just drill integer inch holes on timber, and fix the poles on these positions?

This is my idea that just needs timber, bolts, drill, and roughly saw cut. A row of holes with 2 inches distance on the base board, and the same 2 inches distance holes on the upper board that can fix the jig in horizonal and vertical direction.

There are two types of radiuses from the string pole to the axis on the upper board. One is 3.5 inches, for any odd number inches of string length (axis distance + 7 inches), the other is 4 inches, for any even number inches of string length (axis distance + 8 inches). If you need more precise length (e.g. 66.5 inches), just make another pair of upper board with the radius of 3.75 inches ( or just twist the string…)

The base board. The shortest hole distance is 46 inches, and the longest is 62 inches. With the upper boards, the system can make bowstring from 54 to 70 inches. Of course, you can make a longer or shorter board as you need.

The upper boards need to be 3 inches wide at least because there are 2 rows of holes. The base board has just 1 row so it could be narrower. I bought a 2.4m long 90mm * 35mm timber (I’m in a metric country…) for the whole system.

I use M8 size drill and hex bolts for all the holes. M6 should be ok as well, but maybe not easy to buy long M6 bolts.

  • Four pieces of 6 inches bolts as string poles, each one needs 2 sets of nuts and rings.
  • Two pieces of 4 inches bolts as the main axis. The length depends on the thickness of the timber. Don’t be too long, so as not to interfere the string serving. One set of nuts and rings for each bolt.
  • Two pieces of 3 inches bolts to fix the upper board on horizonal or vertical direction. The length depends on the thickness of the timber as well. No nuts or rings needed.

There should be around 1/4 inch space between the upper and the base board, thicker than a set of nut and ring, so the upper board can rotate with the nut of the string poles underneath. Use a thin board or several rings.

The Bottom of the base board is not flat as well, because of the head of the axis bolts. So put the rest of the timber under it.


Street Type

澳洲某政府网站,填写居住地址的页面,其中填写街道类型,选择是 xx Street 还是 xx Road 的 Street Type 那一项,居然是一个下拉框,拉开后一长串,200多个选项。忍不住复制下来。学英文。

Unit Type,描述房间类型的后缀,14个:

Apartment, Building, Flat, Unit, Factory, Marine Berth, Office, Room, Shed, Shop, Site, Stall, Suite, Warehouse.

Floor Type,描述楼层类型的后缀,7个:

Basement, Floor, Level, Lower Ground Floor, Mezzanine, Upper Ground Floor, Ground.

Street Type,街道类型,210个:

Access, Alley, Alleyway, Amble, Anchorage, Approach, Arcade, Artery, Avenue, Barracks, Base, Basin, Beach, Bend, Block, Boulevard, Brace, Brae, Break, Bridge, Broadway, Brow, Bypass, Byway, Camp, Caravan Park, Causway, Centre, Centreway, Chase, Circle, Circlet, Circuit, Circus, Close, Colonnade, Common, Community, Concourse, Copse, Corner, Corso, Court, Courtyard, Cove, Crescent, Crest, Cross, Crossing, Crossroad, Crossway, Cruiseway, Cul De Sac, Cutting, Dale, Dell, Deviation, Dip, Distributor, Drive, Driveway, Edge, Elbow, End, Entrance, Esplanade, Estate, Expressway, Extension, Fairway, Firetrack, Firetrail, Flat, Follow, Footway, Foreshore, Formation, Freeway, Front, Frontage, Gap, Garden, Gardens, Gate, Gates, Glade, Glen, Grange, Green, Ground, Grove, Gully, Heights, Highroad, Highway, Hill, Interchange, Intersection, Island, Junction, Key, Keys, Landing, Lane, Laneway, Lees, Line, Link, Little, Lookout, Loop, Lower, Mall, Meander, Mew, Mews, Motorway, Mount, Nook, Outlook, Parade, Park, Parkland, Parkway, Part, Pass, Path, Pathway, Piazza, Place, Plateau, Plaza, Pocket, Point, Port, Promenade, Quad, Quadrangle, Quadrant, Quay, Quays, Ramble, Ramp, Range, Raodhouse, Reach, Reserve, Rest, Retreat, Ride, Ridge, Ridgeway, Right Of Way, Ring, Rise, River, Riverway, Riviera, Road, Roads, Roadside, Roadway, Ronde, Rosebowl, Rotary, Round, Route, Row, Rowe, Rue, Run, Service Way, Siding, Slope, Sound, Spur, Square, Stairs, State Highway, Station, Steps, Strand, Street, Strip, Subway, Tarn, Terrace, Thoroughfare, Tollway, Top, Tor, Towers, Track, Trail, Triangle, Trunkway, Turn, Underpass, Vale, Viaduct, View, Villas, Vista, Wade, Walk, Walkway, Way, Wharf, Wynd, Yard.

Street Type Suffix,修饰街道类型的后缀,类似「中关村东路」「鼓楼北大街」之类的方位词,12个:

Central, East, Extension, Lower, North, North East, North West, South, South East, South West, Upper, West.

N43E84 @ confluence.org

四年后突然想起来那个踩整数点的网站叫什么了(我以前搜过一堆GPS integer之类的关键字都没找到。。。):confluence.org。匆匆把当年踩巴音布鲁克的帖子翻译了几段贴上去,正在审批ing。
N43E84 @ confluence.org
N43 E84, Bayanbulak Grassland, Xinjiang, China
The point locates about 3.5km away from the nearest road – G217 national highway. The 1089km long “national” highway is just a stony path in this section. The way acrosses mountains, and it was interrupted due to road slides so we had to push the cars over the stones when I came to Bayanbulak two days ago. Anyway it’s only 10km from the village, so I could put the backpack in the village, hitched a local truck to the nearest roadside (N42.58’19” E84.1’20”), and took the short tour.
I crossed two fences in the way. It seems I walked over a range, but there’s no sheep, cow or any people in this season. After 50 minutes I got the point. It’s about 2500m in altitude above sea level. I could see the snow mountains very clearly.
It was not a very happy walking. The scene was definitely beautiful. On the grassland there were many wild flowers. Some brooks hided in the grass until you found them 5 meters away. The water flowing from the mountains was clean and sweet… The problem was, in this dry hot summer, every minute walking on the grassland, there were always more than 10 huge flies around me. Their noise drove me crazy. Sometimes I killed all of them near the brook, but one minute later I was rounded by another lot.

Aug 29, 2009

好吧主要原因是土人我还没习惯 Sep 29, 2009 这样的日期表述从而对其中的字母无视,又或许是潜意识里就没想到军部的办事效率如此拖沓,总之我刚刚一大早就去面试了,被鄙视回来。
上一次类似的英语乌龙是从Siliguri坐火车到Delhi的时候,弄混了 5pm 和 5am (这个至今我也要盘算一下才反应过来),碰巧这两个时间都有去Delhi的车,只不过前者十几小时后者五十几小时,然后我为了赶凌晨的车,夜半在乡间铁路上漫步,然后人生中迄今唯一一次成功被抢劫,和警察发飙整夜,最终绝望地冲上车,一天后发觉车速不对,然后更加绝望。
征兵面试处离Parramatta社区中心不远,旁边是步行街中间穿插着教堂Town Hall小花园,很有些国内小城市欧式风情街的味道。Town Hall在举行仪式,为庆祝越南国庆,越南某将军和Parramatta区长共升两国国旗。之前有澳洲土著暖场,大家衣冠楚楚看猴戏状。


总觉得日子有些不对劲,回来查,原来越南国庆是 Sep 2, 1945。